Grease Trap, Sump Pump, Waste Pipe and Fresh Pipe Rental

We provide complete plumbing supply rental, engineering and installation for all mobile kitchen applications. No other Temporary Kitchen company in the world provides more complete services than Temporary Kitchens 123.

Plumbing Permits Require the listed services below:

Grease Trap Interceptors to separate waste from entering into the sewer lines. Our temporary grease trap rentals allow our customers to have a one stop shop for Temporary Kitchen Facilities Rentals.

Sump Pumps allow wastewater to flow into tanks or sewer lines.  Our temporary sump pump rentals are available for the convenience of Temporary Kitchen 123 customers to have a one stop shop solutions for mobile kitchen facility rentals. 

Waste / Fresh Pipe Rental  grey water and fresh water piping are necessary for every temporary kitchen facility rental.  Many of our customers need our mobile kitchens and temporary facilities set up as fast as possible.  Temporary Kitchens 123 is the only mobile kitchen rental company in the world that provides complete plumbing plans, plumbing engineer stamps and plumbing supply rentals.