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Man Camp Rentals in the South Carolina

We help military mobile kitchens around the world for government agencies like the military. The experience, inventory, and professional capabilities of our team enable us to ensure the success of each mission.

We provide military mobile kitchen rentals and other specialty facilities for a variety of uses: 

Disaster Relief Mobile Facilities

A quick and expert response is the key to managing disaster relief. Governmental and other relief organizations turn to Temporary Kitchens 123 to provide temporary military modular kitchen rentals.

We also provide disaster relief & worksite accommodations in remote and challenging environments. Our worksite accommodations Include living quarters with power, full housing amenities along with water & sewage treatment. We provide a wide variety of detailed engineering turnkey mobile facilities, including:

We offer other services like

  • Mobile/Modular Hard Wall Units in South Carolina
  • Soft Wall/Clear-Span Structures in South Carolina
  • Temporary Power & Distribution in South Carolina
  • Mobile HVAC in South Carolina
  • Foodservice & Dining in South Carolina
  • Water Systems in South Carolina
  • Showers & Restrooms in South Carolina
  • Laundry Units in South Carolina

Base Camps

Temporary Kitchens 123 provides the design, construction, installation, and tear down of mobile temporary facilities for the military, emergency response, and other organizations. In addition to kitchen trailers, we provide a wide range of specialized facilities including units for food service, dining, living quarters/billeting, administration, maintenance, storage, and other base camp needs. You Deserve Quality.

We are fully certified & licensed. We offer custom modular buildings. Our services include disaster recovery, maintenance, man camps, new constructions, and rental buildings. Temporary Kitchens 123 inventory includes fully furnished man camps for your mining operation. Get a quote on a 50 – 2000 person camp with full support & logistics. We have a large global inventory.

Construction & Renovation

Temporary Kitchens 123 provides military kitchen rentals that are reliable and affordable solutions for meeting and exceeding temporary requirements for military, government construction, and renovation projects. From a single mobile unit to a multi-unit configuration, we can serve the needs of virtually any number of people.

We offer other services like:

  • Temporary Workforce Housing in South Carolina
  • Base Camp Housing in South Carolina
  • Man Camp Housing in South Carolina
  • Base Camp in South Carolina
  • Mobile workforce housing Services in South Carolina
  • Base camp services in South Carolina
  • Man camp rentals in South Carolina
  • Workforce housing in South Carolina

Emergency Response Mobile Support Facilities

Temporary Kitchens 123 offers mobile and temporary facilities in many different configurations in support of life-saving operations for the military and emergency response personnel.

Our wide variety of military kitchen trailer units may be trailered or securely mounted in-place. Installation is minimized with simple utility or local power connections. We provide complete delivery set-up and break-down services by skilled installation and service technicians.

About Mobile Kitchens

Temporary Kitchens 123 mobile kitchens may go by several names such as Navy mobile kitchens, Army mobile kitchens, and Marine mobile kitchens. Whatever you choose to call us, they all serve the same vital purpose, which is, to provide fully equipped disaster relief facilities that can be transported from one location to the next.

How Does Mobile Kitchens Work?

At Temporary Kitchens 123, our temporary military kitchens are completely customized to needs of any situation. They come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations to meet your specific portable military kitchen rental needs, from fully mobile trailer units to modular skid kitchens and container units that can be delivered and set up on site for longer use. Each one is fully equipped with specific appliances, refrigeration/freezer space, storage space, shelving, work tables, safety elements, heating/air conditioning and any other features that are needed. You decide how the temporary military modular kitchen rental is powered. They can be set up to run on electricity, natural gas or propane. (Please note that the client is responsible for all gas or electric power sources.)

What Are Uses for a Mobile Kitchen?

A custom mobile kitchen can be purchased or leased as a portable military kitchen rental, or for a mobile catering business, traveling food service or long-term use as a permanent kitchen facility. Many mobile kitchen trailers are rented for a specific lease period to use for special events like concerts, sporting events, weddings and street fairs. But even military bases uses mobile military kitchen trailers while their main kitchens are being renovated. We deal with a lot of schools, hospitals, military bases, senior living facilities and even homeowners who want to continue normal food service while the renovation is being completed.

We offer other services like:

  • Temporary Workforce Housing in South Carolina
  • Base Camp Housing in South Carolina
  • Man Camp Housing in South Carolina
  • Base Camp in South Carolina
  • Mobile workforce housing Services in South Carolina
  • Base camp services in South Carolina
  • Man camp rentals in South Carolina
  • Workforce housing in South Carolina

How Much Will a Mobile Kitchen Cost?

Military kitchen trailer rental prices will be determined by the length of the lease period and the configuration of the mobile kitchen itself. The size of the unit and all modular components will be factored into the rental price. For purchase, Temporary Kitchens 123 offers new and used mobile kitchen units that you can buy and customize as needed.

These mobile facilities aren’t limited to just military bulk kitchen rentals. Temporary Kitchens 123 offers mobile restrooms, mobile dishwashers, mobile refrigerator/freezer units, mobile laundry, and other mobile facilities that can be rented for short or for longer-term use.

What Are the Advantages of a Mobile Kitchen?

  • Military kitchen rentals allow you to keep it for only as long as you need it
  • Pre-fabricated kitchen units save time and money
  • Each unit is pre-constructed to meet health and safety codes
  • Each unit is climate controlled
  • Food service can be provided directly on-site without interruption
  • Fully customizable mobile kitchen units to meet your specific food service needs
  • Clean, comfortable, and spacious work areas for kitchen staff
  • We handle delivery, set up, and removal of mobile kitchen units 

So contact us at Temporary Kitchens 123 for all your temporary military kitchen needs.

Temporary Kitchens 123 can deliver their products and services if not all to most cities in Alabama
See a list of cities we served in Rhode Island below:

North Charleston
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