Health and Building Permit for your Mobile Kitchen

Health and building permit

Health and building permit service is one of the flagship service of Temporary Kitchens 123. Among the mobile kitchen and dishwashing providers, we are the only company who does all the legwork for all your legal health department requirements. As true experts, we know completely that it normally takes 60-90 days to get this task done that’s why our CEO himself personally handles this process in a very seamless way. He knows what the health department wants, and that is to know visually and in writing what is going on during the construction period. This lessens the processing time bigtime!! So let the expert handle your business, contact us at 1-800-205-6106 now!!

Health department in different states may require different requirements for your mobile kitchen and dishwashing trailer rental but here are the basic conditions to be met during the operation of the Mobile Food Facility:
  1. A copy of the menu during the construction period. This gives them the most information about your mobile kitchen operation.This is the first thing the department of health will ask for.
  2. A copy of your Standard Operating Procedures. Standard operating Procedure (SOP) will show how you are making your food, transporting, up until the end of the service process.
  3. They will than likely ask you for the site address, map and site plan.
  4. They will ask for signatures of SOP signed by the state certified food manager on site and on company letterhead.  They will not the except this on the letter head of the constructions contractor or a certified food industry consultant or design firm.
  5. The will require a floor plan of the mobile kitchen, dishwashing trailer, coffee trailer or cold prep trailer.
  6. They will want a copy of the finish schedules to ensure they meet all requirements.
  7. They will ask for an electrical and plumbing plan.
Once the plan check is completed, the Health Department inspector will come onsite to inspect and verify everything on plan matches up with what was put on site. They often check water and refrigeration temperatures.  In some countries, they go as far to check the exhaust capacity and require us to have this first certified by a licensed 3rd party professional . Temporary Kitchens 123 is a complete expert in obtaining health permits worldwide from the department of health with more than 20 years of experience in the mobile kitching industry. The above is a short list of the most common requirements in getting a county health permit and every county and state is different. So let your permits be handled by experts! Call us now at 1-800-205-6106!!!
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