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America’s number 1 provider of the mobile kitchen in Glendale is opening locations one by one in the United States. Temporary Kitchens 123’s mobile kitchen rental is now available in California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon. The mobile kitchen trailer in Glendale also has a location in Mesa, Gilbert Town, Chandler, Phoenix, and Tucson in Arizona. If the place where you are living right now doesn’t have a mobile kitchen rental in Glendale being offered, please be patient as we work on making our temporary mobile kitchen available to everyone in every corner of the United States.

Now, what makes us the top provider of a mobile kitchen for rent in Glendale? One of the main reasons is because our mobile kitchen has everything you have in your kitchen. This allows our temporary mobile kitchen trailer to serve over 20,000 meals per day, something a normal mobile kitchen trailer can’t do. Another reason is that we make sure that our mobile kitchen for rent in Glendale is on top condition thus we have a licensed engineer check it for problems before dispatching it to the customers. All of our mobile kitchen trailers is also:

  • OSHA compliant
  • ADA approved
  • NSF approved
  • Has engineered ramps that meet all federal and Arizona state guidelines
  • And had passed all county and state Health Department Codes

To further ensure the quality of our mobile kitchen rental in Glendale, we have food service consultants that are industry trained. These food service consultants undergo on-going training to keep up with the constantly changing economy and technology of the temporary mobile kitchen. We also offer the following equipment:

Other than our most sought after mobile kitchen for rent in Chandler, we also offer the following services and equipment:

Whenever you need a mobile kitchen, call us right away at 1-800-205-6106.


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