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When do you need a mobile kitchen for rent in Berkeley? When your kitchen is under renovation and your kitchen is unavailable and there are a lot of employees being affected, then you’ll need a mobile kitchen rental in Berkeley. Hospital, the school, assisted living facility and local businesses are our usual clients for our mobile kitchen in Berkeley as well as mobile support units. That is how it works. Temporary Kitchens 123 offers temporary mobile kitchen trailers that are equipped to serve up to 25,000 meals per day. Our mobile kitchen can provide you with a facility that suits your needs. We have a goal of serving our customers from around the United States thus we have locations in Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. If you are looking for nearby mobile kitchen trailer in Berkeley, California we offer our mobile kitchen services in Orange, Los Angeles, Glendale, Torrance, Sacramento, Riverside, Oakland, Anaheim, Fremont, Irvine, Fresno, San Diego, Pomona, San Francisco, Bakersfield, and Ontario. You can also check our other services that include:

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All of our temporary mobile kitchen trailers are OSHA compliant, ADA approved, engineered to meet all federal and California state guidelines as well as county and state Health Department Codes. Each one of our mobile kitchen rentals is checked by our very own mobile kitchen engineer that checks every nook and cranny in order to make sure that our mobile kitchen rentals in Berkeley is at its best and is safe to use. Dial our numbers now and you’ll be surprised how we can add more to your business!


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