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There are many people looking for a mobile kitchen trailer in Carlsbad but there are only a few ones that offer high-grade services and one of them is Temporary Kitchen. We are committed to providing high-grade mobile kitchen trailer, mobile dishwashing trailer for rent, emergency kitchen, modular kitchen building, portable refrigeration, a mobile shower trailer, laundry service trailer, temporary life support facilities, and disaster catering.

All of our mobile kitchen rental in Carlsbad has all the equipment of a traditional kitchen so we can provide seamless mobile kitchen services. The following features can be found in each of our self-contained mobile kitchens:

  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Hand washing sinks
  • Ansul fire suppression systems
  • ranges, griddles, convection oven combo
  • deep fryers

We are committed to serving all our customers mobile kitchen in Carlsbad wherever they are in the United States therefore we have expanded our mobile kitchen trailers in San Jose, San Francisco, Orange, Long Beach, Oakland, Modesto, Ontario, Torrance, Glendale, Fremont, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Chula Vista, Corona, Pomona, and Sacramento. We are also offering our mobile kitchen rentals in Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Florida, and Tennessee. One by one we are opening our temporary mobile kitchen services in all states in America. We want our customers to be able to reach us whenever they needed a mobile kitchen for rent for their kitchen renovation and major reconstruction projects in schools, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare companies. All of our mobile kitchen rentals are ADA approved, OSHA compliant, and are all designed to pass county and state Health Department Codes. A licensed engineer also checks each temporary mobile kitchen trailers to ensure that they are safe to use and is in a good condition.

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Our mobile kitchen for rent in West Covina comply with all states health and building requirements, is ADA approved, Occupation of Safety and Hazard (OSHA) compliant, and are designed to pass county and state Health Department Codes. Other temporary mobile kitchen rental services we offer include dishwashing trailers, cold prep trailers, coffee brewing trailers, warewashing facilities, portable refrigeration, temporary dining hall, laundry service trailer, disaster catering, and base camp food services.

Each unit of our mobile kitchen for rent is carefully designed by our licensed engineers to solve all your emergency kitchen issues to make sure that each one of the temporary mobile kitchens is on top condition and is safe to use. Our mobile kitchen trailers include the following:

  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Hand washing sinks
  • Ansul fire suppression systems
  • Ranges, griddles, convection oven
    Deep fryers
  • Electrical Box Panels
  • Propane Safety Knobs

We always want our customers to have the best experience with our mobile kitchen rental. With the number of customers coming back to work with us, it is one of the indications that we are providing the best mobile kitchen services possible. We are always finding ways to improve and extend our services to every corner of America.


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