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You can’t serve 20,000 meals with your kitchen being renovated or remodelled; you’d need a mobile kitchen for rent in Inglewood. Business owners who have their kitchen under construction are also in need of such mobile kitchen trailer rental in Inglewood. And so do companies undergoing major reconstruction like Health Care Industry, Assisted Living Homes, Hotels, Disaster Relief Agencies, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants and many more. Temporary Kitchens 123 is considered as America’s number one service provider of mobile kitchen trailer rentals, modular kitchen rentals, mobile dishwashing trailer, refrigeration trailers, and emergency kitchen facilities. Other mobile kitchens for rent services we offer are:

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Emergency Kitchen Trailer in Inglewood

Modular School Kitchen Building in Inglewood

mobile kitchen for rent Inglewood

Emergency Modular Kitchen Facility in Inglewood

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Temporary Dishwashing Trailer in Inglewood

mobile kitchen Inglewood

Emergency Refrigeration Trailer in Inglewood

temporary kitchen Inglewood

Temporary Life Support Facilities in Inglewood

mobile kitchen for rent Inglewood

Man Camp Food Service in Inglewood

Base Camp Food Service in Costa Mesa

We make sure that our mobile kitchen trailer in Inglewood has everything that your kitchen has from compartment sinks, hand washing sinks, Ansul fire suppression systems, ranges, griddles, convection oven, Electrical Box Panels, Propane Safety Knobs, deep fryers, and a fully self-contained unit. To ensure that everything in our mobile kitchen rental is on top condition, we have a professional engineer check each and every unit of our temporary mobile kitchen rental for compliance.

All of our mobile kitchen in Inglewood services can be availed from several cities in California including Torrance, Long Beach, Oakland, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, Riverside, San Jose, Fresno, Pomona, Corona, and Modesto. We also have a number of storage areas in around the United States to make sure we can serve as much people as possible. These areas are in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon. In a few years, we want everyone to be educated as to how mobile kitchen rental can help them with their business operation.


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