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Renovating your commercial kitchen means you need a mobile kitchen trailer in Lancaster. A mobile kitchen will accommodate all your food service need while the kitchen is still unavailable. For other situations like expansion, emergency, disaster, base camp and any other need to supply food when there’s no kitchen available, a mobile kitchen rental in Lancaster is the solution you need.

Mobile kitchen for rent in Lancaster is a service provided by Temporary Kitchen 123, a leading provider of mobile kitchen trailer rental in the United States. You can avail of our mobile kitchen services in the state of California in the following cities Riverside, Torrance, Pomona, Glendale, Fremont, Fresno, Los Angeles, Ontario, Oakland, Corona, Modesto, Orange, and Long Beach. For other states, we are available in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

We are slowly expanding our mobile kitchen business to better serve our customers around the United States and Canada.

Our mobile kitchen rental in Lancaster is easy to set up and can customized depending on your business’ requirement. All our mobile kitchen trailer are designed for convenience and is adaptable to any climate. The temporary mobile kitchen units and ramps are all ADA compliant, OSHA approved and compliant with all Health Department throughout the United States. Aside from mobile kitchen trailer in Lancaster, we also have:

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There is always someone ready to answer your questions and concerns so don’t hesitate to contact our mobile kitchen trailer in Lancaster at 1-800-205-6106.


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