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If you are remodeling your kitchen, you first need to contact a mobile kitchen in Tampa. The reason is you don’t want to contaminate the food you’ll be eating, so keep the kitchen off limits and have a temporary mobile kitchen serve you. Temporary Kitchens 123 had been around for almost two decades and had mastered the art of providing mobile kitchen trailer for homeowner and industries including:

  • Health Care Industry
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Disaster Relief Agencies
  • Schools, and
  • Hospitals

Our mobile kitchen for rent in Tampa includes everything you have in your kitchen from 3 compartment sinks, hand washing sinks, Ansul fire suppression systems, range/oven combo, griddles/oven combo, convection oven, deep fryers, and a fully self-contained mobile kitchen unit. We are also providing a mobile kitchen for rent, modular kitchen buildings, temporary refrigeration container, portable dishwashing for rent and emergency dining halls. For mobile kitchen support units we have:

temporary kitchen Tampa

Mobile and Modular Dishwasher Trailer Rental in Tampa

Mobile and Modular Refrigeration Trailer Rentals in Tampa

mobile kitchen rental Tampa

Mobile and Modular Kitchen Prep Trailer Rentals in Tampa

mobile kitchen Tampa

Dishwashing Trailer Rentals in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami, and Hialeah

Modular Building Kitchen Rentals in Tampa

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer Leasing and Rentals in Tampa

temporary kitchen for rent Tampa

Portable Dishwashing for Commercial Kitchens in Tampa

All of our mobile kitchen rental in Tampa had undergone into several tests and met many requirements and is now OSHA compliant, ADA approved, NSF approved and had passed county and state Health Department Codes. A licensed engineer never fails to check each one of our temporary mobile kitchen units to detect underlying problems and ensure safety. We also have food service experts that will guide you each step of the way the moment you us for a mobile kitchen trailer service.

We also have a mobile kitchen location in different states including California, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. For those who are living in Florida, we have city locations in Jacksonville, Miami, St. Petersburg, and Hialeah.


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