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For those who are still looking for the best mobile kitchen in Leavenworth, Kansas end your search. Settle for the best mobile kitchen trailer in Leavenworth provider, no other than Temporary Kitchen 123. With over 20 years of experience in the industry providing a mobile kitchen for rent in Leavenworth for all situations such as expansion, construction, renovation, emergencies, special occasions. Our customers’ ranges from schools, major hospitals, assisted living homes, hotels, and local businesses who need a mobile kitchen rental in Leavenworth. We don’t want to compromise our mobile kitchen in Leavenworth; we make sure that it is the best one and nothing less than that.

Temporary Kitchen 123’s mobile kitchen in Leavenworth is one of the best mobile kitchen rentals in Leavenworth that can meet all your needs. What makes this possible are the state of the art commercial appliances that are included in all our mobile kitchen for rent in Leavenworth. This makes our mobile kitchen trailer in Leavenworth possible in providing up to 20,000 meals per day. We are also offering rentals of some equipment and support units that work really well with our mobile kitchen in Leavenworth.

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Our mobile kitchen in Leavenworth is also available in all major cities in the United States. We have a mobile kitchen for rent in Topeka, Newport, Anchorage, Wichita, Kansas City, Burlington, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette. More will be added soon, as we slowly and surely expand our business making it within easy reach of everyone who needs a mobile kitchen rental in Leavenworth.


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