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The best mobile kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts is provided by Temporary Kitchen 123. What makes it the best mobile kitchen trailer in Cambridge among the rest is the fact that it is provided by a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our 2-decade track record in providing the best mobile kitchen rental in Cambridge had earned us the knowledge and skills one needs to develop top-grade services. We have a mobile kitchen for rent in Cambridge that is capable of meeting all your foodservice needs. For years, schools, restaurants, assisted living homes, hotels hospitals, and local businesses seeks our mobile kitchen in Cambridge during expansion, construction, renovation, emergencies, and special occasions.

We are known to maintain the world’s highest level of safety and engineering standards not only with our mobile kitchen trailer in Cambridge but with all our other services. Our mobile kitchen rental in Cambridge comes in size range of 24 ft. to 52 ft. per unit thus it is ideal for both small scale and large scale operations. Each mobile kitchen in Cambridge unit is customizable depending on the business’ needs and preferences. We also have mobile kitchen for rent in Cambridge support units and equipment like ramp rentals that can provide further assistance to our temporary mobile kitchen.

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For those living in Massachusetts, we have other mobile kitchen in Cambridge locations in the state. This includes a mobile kitchen for rent in Haverhill, Lynn, Chicopee, Somerville, Barnstable, Lowell, Fall River, Salem, Plymouth, Andover, Danvers, Chelsea, Springfield, and many more.


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