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We are always in search of the best and when it comes to a mobile kitchen in Greensboro, North Carolina, it is also applicable. When it comes to the best mobile kitchen trailer in Greensboro, there is only one provider worth mentioning, Temporary Kitchen 123. With a two-decade track record of providing a mobile kitchen for rent in Greensboro, we have become the forefront expert in this industry. Our mobile kitchen for rent in Greensboro had served establishments such as schools, major hospitals, restaurants, hotels, assisted living homes, and local businesses during renovation, expansion, construction, emergencies, and special occasions. Since we know the importance of a mobile kitchen for rent in Greensboro, we are offering rush deployment of our temporary mobile kitchen units during emergency situations.

We have a mobile kitchen trailer in Greensboro that can be customized to meet any and all foodservice needs. Our mobile kitchen for rent in Greensboro includes the following:

  • Non-slip diamond plate aluminum flooring
  • NSF approved stainless steel surfaces
  • Your own choice of propane, natural gas, and electrical powered cook lines
  • Well ventilated units that can adapt to any climate
  • State of the art commercial appliances
  • Ingress and egress designed units that enable the attachment of multiple trailers

Other than our mobile kitchen rental in Greensboro that works pretty well on its own, we also offer support units and equipment that will provide further support and maximize the benefits of our mobile kitchen trailer in Greensboro.

temporary kitchen for rent Greensboro

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Mobile kitchen for rent Greensboro

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We also have a mobile kitchen rental in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Wilmington. We have a mobile kitchen trailer in Greensboro in all major cities in the United States.


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