24ft Mobile Kitchen

Step into the realm of mobile culinary excellence with our bespoke 24ft Mobile Kitchen, a state-of-the-art gastronomic haven on wheels. At the heart of this rolling restaurant is a versatile 36″ Griddle Oven Combination, perfect for sizzling steaks or flipping fluffy pancakes under the watchful eye of a gleaming 36″ Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood, ensuring a fresh atmosphere for the creation of your mouthwatering masterpieces.

A Single Stack Convection Oven stands ready, promising even baking and roasting to perfection, while a sleek refrigerator keeps your ingredients crisp and cool. The well-positioned Prep Table becomes the chef’s strategic command center for chopping, seasoning, and orchestrating the dance of dishes. For those craving the crispy indulgence of fried foods, a 40lbs Deep Fryer equipped with 2-baskets is the ace up the sleeve, delivering golden, crunchy delights every time.

Safety and efficiency interlace with the installation of an Ansul Fire Suppression System, guarding against the unforeseen with vigilant protection. The heartbeat of the kitchen, its Electrical Panel, is meticulously organized, ensuring seamless energy flow to each culinary station.

Sanitation is paramount, and our kitchen addresses this with a dedicated Hand Sink and a 3 Compartment Sink system, ensuring that cleanliness is just as high a priority as flavor. The Range Oven Combination expands your cooking repertoire, offering both stovetop and baking options.

Above, two 14×14 screened roof vents whisper away excess heat and steam, sustaining a comfortable working environment. Dual Propane Tanks equipped with a Switch Off mechanism provide the fuel to fire your feasts, assuring continuous energy with an easy-to-manage supply system.

With this mobile kitchen, unleash the potential of a gourmet restaurant on the go, bringing your culinary dreams to the streets with finesse, efficiency, and safety.

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Unit Description

  • 1-36" Griddle oven combination
  • 1-36" Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood
  • Single Stack Convection Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • 1-Prep Table
  • 1 40lbs Deep Fryer w/ 2-Baskets
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System
  • Electrical Panel
  • 1-Hand Sink
  • 3 Compartment Sinks
  • Range oven combination
  • 2-14×14 screened roof vents
  • 2-Propane Tanks with Switch Off

Power Requirements

  • 220V
  • Single Phase
  • 100-200 AMPS

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