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Restroom Trailers

At Temporary Kitchens 123 we provide restroom trailers for special event, disasters, building expansion, kitchen expansion and emergency services. Our restroom for hire range in size from 20ft to 40ft. Restroom facilities are required by law. In addition to restroom we also provide ADA compliant ramps for rental. To be ADA compliant ramps must meet a special slope per foot. We also provide handrails for safety. In some school districts and hospitals engineered stamped drawings, load calculations and sloping information is required our ramps meet all safety standards. Restroom Trailers are available for his and her needs.

Our restroom trailer are available in women, male and handicap stalls. We also have locker room, shower, living, other combinations of restrooms and support facilities. In a temporary commercial kitchen facility a restroom must be provided in many cases within 100ft. Please call us today.

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