Food Service Staffing

Temporary Kitchen 123 operates and staffs full service food operations. Kitchen operations demand 24 hours a day. Each location requires full time supervision. Our kitchen staff operate day and night providing a weekly rotating three meals a day menu 24-hour snack and beverage service.

Food serviceFood menu

TK 123 offers local, regional and internationally-inspired entrees to create a variety of menu offerings. Our temporary dining halls, kitchens and facilities are mobile and relocatable to any location in the world. Temporary facilities are joined with indoor recreation centers, lounge areas, computer stations and fitness rooms. Our friendly staff can create and manage any theme or style facility.

food service staffing

Our innovative working style is energized by incentives and bonuses to serve our customer’s needs. Our culinary executive chefs are an experienced and well-qualified catering team. We use only the freshest ingredients and our certified staff follow all state and federal safety standards when it comes to the preparation of food and the cleanliness of the facilities.