Disaster Catering Services

Disaster Catering Services are the same as incident catering service they specialize in feeding a large population in a short period of time. When disaster strikes it happens fast. Your firm will need to have a company that can respond fast. We specialize in emergency catering planning. The key to serving any natural disaster is planning. We can provide food service during the period no one else can we have a fleet of mobile and modular kitchens nationwide ready to respond on the start of a phone call. We can provide upscale to bear bones food service start at $10 per meal not including the cost of the mobile kitchen rental price. Our equipment is maintained in the highest food safety standard in the United States. All of our kitchens are constructed in California which has the highest standard of code ordinance regulation. All of equipment has three compartment sinks, hand sinks, Fire suppression , griddles, ranges and alot more.

We can also provide temporary building structures mobile, modular, tents and fabric based dining halls. Please consider one of our emergency response prepared agreement and give us a call today if you are in need for emergency services.

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Disaster Catering Services California