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Modular Dining Hall

At Temporary Kitchens 123 our modular dining hall for rental are ready for your calling. The new serving style of this generation is a less rigid style of seating. The trend is going to a more open floor layout. We recommend to our college and university clients the latest and the greatest designs for school campuses available. The design of floor plans today encourages student socializing, studying and working together. The days of the old booths with seats that face each other in the round are gone. Educational facilities have realized that students look for modular dining hall today not just for a place to grab a bite but a place to study, strategize and work in teams.

College campuses and schools are in competition to attract the best students out there. The trend among educational institutions finds our industry right now renovating, remodeling and retrofitting all outdated cubicle seating. Cafeteria style buffet line eateries are soon going to be the thing of the past. Students don’t just want to be cool and hip but they want to be producing and a dining facility/meeting hall/cafeteria is where they want to meet up for tea, coffee or dive into books.

We at Temporary Kitchens 123 understand kitchen renovation, expansion, and retrofit. There is the update with the latest cooking equipment, the floors are cracking, the refrigeration units need to be updated or in many cases, the environmental health department has seen enough and student safety is at risk.

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Temporary Dining Hall

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