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Modular School Dining Halls

Modular school dining halls have been around for a long time. With the new serving style of the present and future, there is less cubicle style seating. The trend these days is a more open floor layout. We advise our collage and university clients on the best design for them. The floor plans of today promote student socializing and interacting with one another. Educational facilities realize that students look for dining halls today not just for a place to eat but a place to study. College campuses are in competition to attract the smartest and the best students they can. The trend finds our industry right now renovating all outdated cubicle seating and cafeteria style buffet line eateries. In addition, the kitchen needs to be updated with the latest cooking equipment, floor is cracking, refrigeration units need to be updated or in many cases, the environmental health department has gotten involved.

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