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Temporary Kitchen Design

Temporary Kitchen Design Facilities

  1. Meet with the Owner, Food Service Manager and Architect to establish goals and objectives of the project.
    Pre-design of temporary kitchen facilities.
  2. Inventory existing equipment to be integrated into the new kitchen layout and design.
  3. Preliminary layout can be developed within 15 business days (CAD) .
  4. Final review and signoff of the preliminary layout & equipment specifications.
  5. Completion of the final floor plan, electrical & plumbing rough-in drawings, special condition & ventilation drawings
  6. Specification book to include equipment list:a manufacturer’s cut sheet or custom equipment elevation, and a cover sheet containing the item number, description, quantity, manufacturer (primary & approved alternates), model number, critical mechanical information, and a listing of approved accessories.
  7. Health Department Approval Monitoring
  8. On Site Inspections & Approval List

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