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Saving Time and Money During Construction, Renovation, and Expansion.

Why mobile dishwashing trailers, temporary warewashing facilities save insurance companies and food service professionals lots of time and money during construction, renovation, expansion of commercial food service operations?

Foodservice operators and local contractors do not realize that commercial kitchens can be duplicated in temporary mobile kitchen modular sections in basic plug and play modulars. All our portable dishwashing trailers:

  • 3 compartment sinks for washing, rinsing and sanitizing.
  • 1 Hand Sinks
  • Conveyor Belt Driven Dishwashing Machines for higher volume operations
  • High Temp and Low Temp machines.
  • Chemical Sanitizing and High Temp Sanitizing Solutions.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer Facilities can be put together with a combination of supporting trailers. Some examples are:

  • Portable Dishwashing Trailers
  • Modular Refrigeration Trailers and Containers
  • Food and Salad Cold Preparatory Trailers
  • Portable ADA compliant Ramps with Handrails
  • Much more

Temporary Kitchen Facilities for rent are used to speed up the construction process and improve environmental safety conditions during renovation.

Mobile kitchens are normally the choice recommended by the food service designs professional or a commercial kitchen contractor that specializes in commercial kitchen renovation and expansion. Your typical local contractors are just not familiar with options of keeping the existing commercial food service operations open during the renovation or expansion of the existing food service operation. These days the local contractor can take advantage of the use of “google” and “youtube videos” like this one on Temporary Kitchens 123 youtube channels the local contractor can get educated and get up to speed very quickly.

The top 3 questions that need to be answered by contractors and food service operators during the construction phase of a kitchen expansion or renovation are as follows:

Will the current food service kitchen operator be open to switching to disposable dishes during the renovation period or do they need to maintain the same high quality of service during the temporary renovation?

In the scenario that the foodservice operation is on a certain budget, disposable dishes will be used. In the second scenario where the food service operation has a mandatory obligation to provide the same level of standard as with the existing operations then our mobile dish trailers are the perfect solution.:

  • Recap moving from plated service to disposables. Dish service requires a separate mobile dishwashing trailer to be rented or modular temporary dishwashing facility on site. Dish service is more labor intensive and requires staff of course to run the dishwashing operation. In most cases, it’s best to keep the current staff together and have them working during the construction. Loss of employees is a total disruption when the newly renovated food facility reopens.
  • In large facilities such as hospitals, a conveyor belt driven machine will be necessary. Hospitals are notorious for using conveyor belt driven machines both low temp and high temp machines. High temp dishwashing machines require more power thrust for more AMP. The facility must check the type of power available in advance when deciding when choosing between low temp and high temp.
  • How will the temporary dish machines trailer be powered? The most common is all electric for push through low temp units. A combination of propane and electric is also available when limited power resources are available. During high temp operations only 3 phase or Single phase units the take up a lot of Amps most customer op for Single phase low temp chemical solutions for temporary dishwashing needs for conveyor belt operations due to the amount of power high temp conveyor belt commercial dishwashers require.

Do we have accessories to the dishwashing trailer the make up a large Temporary Kitchen facility?

The answer is yes! We offer ramp rentals, dishwashing trailer rentals, mobile kitchen trailer rentals, refrigeration trailer rentals, refrigeration container rentals, large tent structures, restroom trailers, and production office trailers. We can set an entire mobile kitchen facility, Temporary Dining Facility along with restroom and office staff facilities.

Our temporary kitchen units are designed for an easy transition from your commercial kitchen space. These mobile units are provided throughout the USA.  

We offer temporary kitchens for leasing that meets any and all commercial your kitchen needs. Our trailers come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific needs.  Our mobile kitchens include state of the art appliances that can be modified to fit your commercial kitchen needs. Temporary kitchens come in sizes from 24 ft up to 53 ft configurations. These units have been designed for easy cleanup.  All of our kitchens have NSF approved surfaces including non-slip diamond plate aluminum flooring, as well as stainless steel surfaces. We off both long and short-term leasing options to fit every temporary kitchen need.

Our sales representatives are available  24 hours a day to assist you with more information. Call us today at 1-800-205-6106 for a free conceptual design fed expressed to your location now. 

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