Catering Services in Miami, FL

Catering in Miami, FL

Temporary Kitchens 123 is the top provider of Remote Catering Services in Miami and the entire FL. We serve as much as 20,000 meals per day, catering for every sector from schools to workplaces to the healthcare industry. Our facilities are excellent for any size emergency situation or event, and we can prepare savory meals to satisfy the most difficult and diverse cultural requirements. You can customize our catering food menus based on any nationality, ethnicity. and culture. We are experts in providing catering services to universities, schools, hospitals, care homes, clinics, private companies, restaurants, hotels, and more.

In addition, all our culinary experts and certified chefs adhere to strict US standards in food safety and sanitation. Our mobile kitchen trailers are versatile, clean, stylish, and ABA-approved. 

We specialize in meeting the demands of any scale operation in remote catering services in Miami. We also offer more relevant services, that suit your needs, such as:

  • Incident Catering Services
  • International Catering Services
  • Emergency Catering Services
  • Military Catering Services
  • Disaster Relief Catering Services
  • Department of Defense Food Services
  • Temporary Catering Services
  • Tour Catering Services
  • Man Camp Catering Services
  • Offsite Catering Services
  • Remote Catering Services

Our Customer Support Teams are available 24/7 to assist you in everything you need. Give us a call today, and let our team prepare your catering service soon!

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