The #1 Temporary Kitchen Facility Provider Worldwide

Here at Temporary Kitchens 123, we provide a mobile kitchen for rent in the US. We specialize in fulfilling the markets of large-scale approaches, providing Mobile Kitchen Indiana that can feed on 5000 to 25000 meals per day depending on our client’s essentials. Our mobile kitchen for lease is ideal for hotels, hospitals, universities, or other large-scale food service establishments.

Temporary Kitchens 123 is an industry leader in supplying food service, staffing, catering, and administration to help circumstances, industrial base camps, disaster relief, and emergency areas worldwide. We are results-driven with outstanding abilities even in emergencies in remote territories.

Top Delivery Areas for Mobile Kitchens in Indiana

Your portable kitchen facility for lease is our #1 priority, while our #1 rule is to make sure that everything in your kitchen we have in our Mobile Kitchen in Hawaii. All of our portable kitchens comply with all state health and building requirements. Our licensed engineers meticulously plan and design each trailer to solve your emergency kitchen issues.

The following are mobile kitchen rental models that we can deliver:

  • 24ft Mobile Kitchen
  • 40ft Bulk Kitchen
  • 40ft Bulk Combo Kitchen
  • 40ft Combo Kitchen
  • 28ft Mobile Kitchen
  • 40ft Mobile Kitchen
  • 26ft Mobile Kitchen
  • 26ft Bulk Kitchen

Aside from our Mobile Kitchen Indiana, we also have kitchen rental facilities in other states to make it easier for everyone to access our mobile kitchen trailer anywhere. See the list below:

Aside from mobile kitchens, we also have dishwashing trailers and refrigeration trailers. See the list below:


  • 22ft Dishwashing
  • 40ft Conveyor Belt Dishwasher
  • 40ft Dishwasher
  • Dishwashing Services
  • 26ft Dishwashing
  • 38ft Dishwashing


  • 24ft Container All Ranges
  • 40ft Container All Ranges
  • 20ft Container Medium Temperature
  • 20ft Container Low Temperature
  • 12ft Trailer Medium & Standard Temperature
  • 20ft Trailer Medium & Standard Temperature

You can reach us at 1-800-205-6106. Contact us about your Mobile Kitchen Indiana needs. Our staff will gladly assist you in what best suited mobile kitchen facility for rent specifications fit your budget and are ideal for your project.