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There will come a time that you’ll need a mobile kitchen in Topeka, Kansas. For whatever situation where you have foodservice needs, opt for Temporary Kitchen 123’s mobile kitchen trailer in Topeka. What makes us stand out from the rest is pour top of the line mobile kitchen for rent in Topeka and our customer service that unlike others. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry providing mobile kitchen rental in Topeka and all major cities in the United States during construction, renovation, expansion, emergencies, and special occasions. Our mobile kitchen in Topeka is raved by many including schools, restaurants, major hospitals, hotels, assisted living homes, and local businesses. We are committed to meeting all and any foodservice needs through our mobile kitchen for rent in Topeka.

To further assure you of the quality of our mobile kitchen rental in Topeka, let us tell you that all our units are NSF, ADA, and OSHA compliant. Each mobile kitchen in Topeka unit is checked by a licensed engineer and includes the following:

  • Three Compartment Sinks
  • Electrical Box Panels
  • Propane Safety Knobs
  • Hand Wash Sinks
  • Ansul Fire Suppression Systems
  • Hot Water, Refrigeration

Our mobile kitchen rental in Topeka can be accessed from many cities. This is made possible by several storage locations resulting in a mobile kitchen for rent in Kansas City, Wichita, Leavenworth, Anchorage, Covington, Louisville, and many more. Aside from our mobile kitchen trailer in Topeka, we are also offering temporary mobile kitchen support units and equipment that will provide further assistance and to maximize the benefit of our mobile kitchen in Topeka.

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