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Workforce Housing in Harlem, MT

Temporary Kitchens 123 is the United States’ largest temporary mobile kitchen rental company. We also provide the following services: Dinning room management, dishwashing services, and both non-remote and remote catering services. Our kitchen, refrigeration, and dishwashing trailers are all NSF-approved. We are ISO 9001 certified. In addition, our trailers include an insignia from The United States HUD Department, that relates to the occupancy group design loads, fire safety electrical, and mechanical loads. The insignia also certifies ingress and egress access.

A well-known provider of onsite temporary housing and bunkhouse rentals, Temporary Kitchen 123 is known for providing the best possible service. They’re a leading provider. Bunkhouse trailers and restroom facilities are included in our selection, as well as portable lockers for military use and catering. The enterprise has become a shining example of how to provide complete workforce housing in emergency situations. With the help of our skilled artisans and a keen eye for detail, our company is known for its top-notch product quality, expert craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Rental and lease mobile home trailers are our long-term expertise. It is our company’s mission to ensure that all clients are satisfied. In every way, we strive to meet and exceed their expectations.

With Temporary Kitchen 123, you get a full-service, all-in-one solution to providing a temporary living area with comfortable, secure, and climate-controlled sleeping accommodations for up to six people. There is the possibility of equipping them with showers, food preparation areas, and lavatories for the military if desired.

Our company Temporary Kitchen 123 specializes in providing temporary housing solutions that are specifically designed for remote workers, such as those deployed for military service or those sending aid in the event of a natural disaster. They offer comfortable and secure accommodations, as well as military field kitchens if needed. The housing solutions offered by these companies are ideal for a range of projects, such as oil field support, man camps, and forest fire fighting support, allowing vital personnel a safe and reliable place to rest and recover.

  • Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators in Harlem, MT
  • Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations in Harlem, MT
  • Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels in Harlem, MT
  • Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty in Harlem, MT
  • Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses in Harlem, MT
  • Privacy Curtains in Harlem, MT
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems in Harlem, MT
  • Reading Lights in Harlem, MT

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person at either your facility or ours.


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Giving Your Response Crew the Space to Recharge

The response team should be able to sleep well and have a well-defined base camp while responding to a crisis. As a result, they can cope with mental, physical, and emotional strain in times of emergency. Refreshing responders’ energy levels allows them to think clearly, work more effectively, and come up with meaningful solutions. As part of our commitment to providing maximum comfort, we create our shelters and DFACT services based on the individual requirements of our mobile employees.


Mobile Sleeping Units

In an emergency or disaster, personnel should be ready to react quickly. The situation needs to be handled expediently. You will not be able to motivate your team to accomplish their highest potential without a basecamp where they can rest and take breaks. If a long-term deployment is required, the base camp must be equipped with the necessary amenities to accommodate all those staying there for the duration of the deployment. Our goal at Temporary Kitchen 123 is to be your ally during this difficult period for organizing personnel for remote camps and providing you with the support you need. Depending on client needs, our company offers a wide range of mobile sleeper trailers for rent in different sizes and configurations.

We offer other services like:

  • Temporary Workforce Housing in Harlem, MT
  • Base Camp Housing in Harlem, MT
  • Man Camp Housing in Harlem, MT
  • Base Camp in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile workforce housing Services in Harlem, MT
  • Base camp services in Harlem, MT
  • Man camp rentals in Harlem, MT
  • Workforce housing in Harlem, MT

We are your trusted team in times of crisis

The Temporary Kitchens 123 team is experienced in handling crisis situations and can provide solutions quickly. Our team has experience with all kinds of emergency scenarios, including natural disasters, long-term job sites, and special events. These types of situations require quick and efficient action and we are well-equipped to provide it. Disaster response teams, on-site personnel, and event participants needing overnight accommodations can stay at our base camps. The housing units we provide are designed to provide comfort to our clients in remote areas as well as make setting up easy. Our team guarantees to supply you with the necessary equipment on schedule and to fully dismantle the mobile units when you no longer need them.

With a selection of sizes and setups, temporary accommodations are easily accessible from anywhere. Generators and other essential services are provided to ensure that everyone has access to all the comforts they need. Our transportable temporary homes are available for rent or lease and can be deployed right away. They can also come with other mobile facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our selection of sleeping options is designed to achieve the optimum level of rest your personnel needs and will enable them to be prepared for anything that may occur.

Choose from 6-bed to 42-bed temporary bunk bed housing trailers for rent or lease. For sanitation and personal hygiene, an exterior hand-washing station can be provided. These autonomous base camp dwellings have proven indispensable during operations such as wildfire teams, remote work camps, evacuations, and quarantine.

  • Camp Management & Operations in Harlem, MT
  • Base Camp Services Worldwide in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile Crew Camps in Harlem, MT
  • Workforce Housing in Harlem, MT
  • Camp Operations Services in Harlem, MT
  • Man-Camp Site Design & Development in Harlem, MT

At Temporary Kitchens 123, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent service that offers great value. Our crews should be able to experience the comforts of modular temporary workforce housing despite the harshest of environments. We are dedicated to providing our staff with the best possible working conditions, which is why we utilize green-and-clean equipment. This not only helps us maintain a safe working environment for our crews across downstream, midstream, and upstream areas but also helps us meet our commitment to eco-friendly operations.

Temporary Kitchens 123 has consistently been on the front line in aiding with natural disasters, ranging from hurricanes to wildfires. We have supplied our equipment, services, and knowledge to help fight against the environmental consequences of these massive catastrophes.

Our disaster management squad and personnel were all set to lend the necessary equipment and specialist aid to those requiring aid, which included our servicemen and servicewomen who were on deployment. Our company is capable of providing a wide range of services, from overseeing operations, getting the site ready, providing food, generating power, and providing accommodation. We also provide washroom facilities, security, identification systems, and laundry services.

  • A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  • Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  • Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  • Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates.

We proudly serve clients throughout the nation and around the world.

About Our Disaster Relief Company

Temporary Kitchens 123 is a premier emergency relief company providing workforce housing trailers for emergencies and equipment to organizations and individuals around the world. With our large fleet of asset-owned gear, we are able to deploy quickly and efficiently to provide you with the resources you need for both turnkey base camps and single-resource support.

  • Catering Services
  • Remote Catering
  • Industrial Catering
  • Emergency Catering
  • Incident Catering Services
  • Military Catering Services
  • Oil Field Catering
  • Concert Tour Catering

Temporary Kitchen 123 is a specialist supplier of temporary accommodation during construction works, natural calamities, affordable rehabilitation housing initiatives, insurance claims, military kitchen leases, and big-scale entertainment events. These temporary bunk bed housing trailers are available for rent or lease and provide the same comfort as a home would. Our firm cooperates with numerous insurance providers if their policyholders require temporary housing due to fire or flood. When major construction, transportation, and large infrastructure projects require personnel access to the job site, they can depend on us to provide cost-effective and convenient temporary accommodation solutions. We make it easy for workers to reach the worksite, no matter the location.

  • Dining Structures in Harlem, MT
  • Restroom Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Laundry Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Shower Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Office Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Hand Washing Stations in Harlem, MT
  • Housekeeping in Harlem, MT
  • Remote Site Catering in Harlem, MT

Supporting Your Emergency Logistics Strategies

It is possible to take steps to be ready for a disaster, but once it happens, time passes rapidly and there is no longer any extra time to spare. Our business is devoted to aiding customers in the creation of the most efficient emergency response strategies and field meal preparation areas. Temporary Kitchens 123 can facilitate the mission and potentially save lives by supplying the necessary equipment and resources to aid your teams.
We recognize the hardships that both governments and individuals experience in times of difficulty. We customize our offerings to fulfill all your requirements. We provide comprehensive equipment and services to ensure that you can stay agile and prepared for any situation. Our options include turnkey workforce housing, base camp construction, and mobile medical units.

The Temporary Kitchens 123 team draws on a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver superior support services. We can be relied upon to swiftly supply the appropriate answers for any new or updated response plan. Arrange a meeting with our experts to find out what services we can provide for you.

Temporary Kitchens 123 is the top supplier of on-site, and off-site personnel for remote camps. They have gained a reputation as the go-to source for these services.
Organizing the necessary components to create an effective plan and finding housing options that are suitable for a short amount of time. We have an edge over other competitors in our field, allowing us to offer our clients the highest quality services based on our accumulated knowledge. We are equipped to handle temporary housing requirements for natural disasters, fires, insurance claims, construction sites, and employees in remote locations globally. Our wide selection of travel trailers can meet the accommodation needs of any situation. We offer leases for any length of time, giving you the freedom to choose the duration that suits your requirements.

  • Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service in Harlem, MT
  • Tent Structures Clear Span in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile Command Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Dishwashing Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Refrigeration Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Portable Water Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Generator Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Bunk Bed Trailers in Harlem, MT

At Temporary Kitchens 123, we provide fast solutions with our Rapid Response Team and base camp planning services for natural disaster relief. Our Corporation is called upon regularly by state, federal, and local government departments on account of our dependability and accessibility in furnishing emergency temporary structures. Our company offers short-term accommodations and assistance from many places all over the US and globally.

  • Environmental Support Service
  • Debris Clean up
  • Spill Clean Up
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Mold Remediation

Temporary Kitchens 123 Fleet offers a variety of mobile and remote temporary accommodation options for events of all sizes. In the event of a disaster, it is imperative and critical that housing be restored quickly. Hotel rooms and traditional housing are becoming increasingly scarce, and a key indicator of public confidence in disaster recovery progress is the quick and safe recovery of housing.
Our turnkey staff accommodation solutions are the perfect answer to any situation, given their mobility and flexibility, and do not require a special permit for transportation. Our inventory is the latest and every unit is C.A.R.B. certified. This means that the materials used in our units have been tested and passed the Air Toxic Control Measure to reduce formaldehyde emissions from engineered wood products, an issue that became critical issue after Hurricane Katrina. The temporary Kitchen 123 also provides the implementation of personnel camp management.

  • Environmental Support Service in Harlem, MT
  • Debris Clean up in Harlem, MT
  • Spill Clean-Up in Harlem, MT
  • Fire Damage Restoration in Harlem, MT
  • Asbestos Abatement in Harlem, MT
  • Mold Remediation in Harlem, MT

Whether it’s a remote geographic region, military field kitchen rental, emergency relief projects, or a tight timeline, Temporary Kitchens 123 offers timely and comfortable housing solutions at 40-60% savings over options for conventional housing. Our broad range of temporary housing options for remote workers and our flexibility are invaluable during large out-of-town projects.

  • Construction Site Housing Benefits
  • A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  • Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  • Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  • Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates.

Mobile Sleep Trailers

Originally designed to provide an onsite solution to allow response teams to get proper rest while managing long-term Base Camps, Temporary Kitchens 123 Mobile Sleeper Trailers can also be used as temporary hotel rooms during spring events, temporary sleeping quarters for oilfield workers, or temporary sleeping facilities for Wildland Fire Fighters and Incident Management Teams during catastrophes.

Disaster Contingency Planning

You can rely on Temporary Kitchens 123 to help you build your disaster contingency plan. Together we discuss logistics and specific needs as we build a customized plan with logical and cost-effective solutions. We understand that our partnership is the key to developing your contingent field or military restaurant workforce to create the most effective response for your constituency. We always go the extra mile to ensure everyone is unburdened. We provide comfortable and affordable temporary housing solutions for remote workers in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

  • Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service in Harlem, MT
  • Tent Structures Clear Span in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile Command Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Dishwashing Trailers in Harlem, MT
  • Refrigeration Trailers in Harlem, MT

Wildland Fire Agencies often use Temporary Kitchens 123 portable temporary housing for rent or lease or our HVACs and Insulated Tents as a solution to battling fatigue as they provide a safer and more cost-effective option than sending firefighters driving for miles to find lodging after a long day’s work on the fire line.

  • Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems
  • Reading Lights
  • Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators
  • Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations
  • Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels
  • Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty

Temporary Kitchen 123 Temporary structures are an easy way to create a usable workplace in a very short time. Our trailers can be used for many purposes but primarily serve as crew quarters in areas that have no other permanent structure. Since these man camp services are alternative solutions, they are usually rented, but they can also be rented.

Temporarily Kitchen 123 understands that forming a collaborative network with other key organizations creates win-win partnerships that allow us to offer a wider range of products and services. Leveraging the experience of other specialist service providers creates the leverage to effectively coordinate a comprehensive support package for any event, whether planned or unplanned.

  • Dining Structures
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Laundry Trailers
  • Shower Trailers
  • Office Trailers
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Housekeeping

Temporary Kitchens 123 works directly with your business to develop emergency response services to minimize the amount of downtime you may experience during planned or unplanned shutdowns. Using Temporary Kitchen 123’s temporary workers who house campers and logistics equipment, your business can get back to work as painlessly as possible.

  • Catering Services
  • Remote Catering
  • Industrial Catering
  • Emergency Catering
  • Incident Catering Services
  • Military Catering Services
  • Oil Field Catering
  • Concert Tour Catering

As a disaster contingency plan and as an emergency responder base camp, Temporary Kitchen 123 can help.

  • Emergency Management Service
  • Emergency Construction
  • Disaster Relief Planning
  • Debris Management
  • Contingency Disaster Planning
  • Insurance Emergency Construction
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Tree Cutting
  • Land Cleaning
  • Emergency Debris Management
  • Water RemovalDebris
  • Emergency Junk Removal
  • Management Services
  • Debris Removal And Demolition Contractors
  • Construction Trailer Rental
  • Construction Housing Trailer
  • Construction Rv Bunk Trailers
  • Construction Rv Trailers
  • Mobile Construction Trailer
  • Construction Worker Bunk Housing
  • Emergency Debris Removal
  • Emergency Utility Construction Worker Housing
  • Emergency Catering
  • Remote Site Catering
  • Emergency Relief Catering Company
  • Incident Response Catering
  • Mobile Kitchen Catering
  • Emergency Debris Removal provides both emergency and non-emergency services such as emergency management, emergency debris removal, catering, emergency land clearing, emergency refrigeration, emergency construction, emergency shelter, tent rental ( berry compliant optional ) emergency tree removal, emergency water removal, contingency planning, disaster planning, disaster relief and more. specialty rental division offers complete man camp, base camp equipment leasing that includes: laundry trailers, refrigeration, mobile kitchens, dishwasher trailers, shower trailer units, modular buildings, modular kitchens, restrooms, portable water, bunk house, RV trailers, and generators. is a rebranding website of Temporary Kitchens 123. is the number one “emergency refrigeration rental” company in the United States. Our trailers are NSF approved and we are ISO 9001 certified. is a rebranding website of Temporary Kitchens 123.

Temporary Kitchens 123 can deliver their products and services if not all to most cities in Montana

See a list of cities we served in MT below:

Judith Gap
White Sulphur Springs
Thompson Falls
Fort Benton
Big Timber

East Helena
Three Forks
Red Lodge
Wolf Point
Deer Lodge

Cut Bank
Columbia Falls

Miles City
Great Falls

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