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Our business furnishes assistance for mobile cooking facilities to government entities, like the armed forces. We provide assistance in rolling out these kitchens to different places around the world. Our squad has the proficiency, materials, and experience required to make sure every job we undertake is a success. We are confident that we possess the requisite knowledge and resources to handle any situation that comes our way. Our breadth of knowledge and supplies are incomparable, which gives us the assurance to take on whatever tasks are presented to us.

We provide military mobile kitchen rentals and other specialty facilities for a variety of uses:

Disaster Relief Mobile Facilities

Successful disaster relief requires both specialized knowledge and timely action. Quick responses are necessary to provide effective aid and support to those affected. Expertise is also essential in order to ensure that the right decisions are made and the most effective measures are taken. Acting quickly is important to reduce the number of fatalities and destruction of property. Temporary Kitchens 123 is a popular choice for organizations that provide assistance and governmental institutions for the renting of modular kitchens created for military purposes.
Our organization offers support in the event of a disaster, as well as provides suitable working conditions for those in remote or hard-to-access locations. This workplace offers a range of amenities, including electrical service, all the necessities of a home, water provision, and wastewater management. We provide a wide array of mobile services that are immediately available and include the following features:

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Base Camps

Emergency responders, the military, and other organizations can access mobile, temporary accommodations by leasing them through Temporary Kitchens 123. We offer a range of specialized amenities to meet your needs, such as kitchen trailers, food service units, dining areas, living quarters, invoicing offices, administrative offices, maintenance spaces, and storage facilities.
We have a wide array of licenses and certifications at our disposal. Pre-built frameworks made up of separate parts can be requested. This type of architecture permits the rapid and straightforward erection of buildings. Our services include providing maintenance, constructing temporary housing (man camps), and erecting new buildings (new construction) as well as offering rental property. Temporary Kitchens 123 provides a broad range of fully-equipped camps for the mining industry, featuring all the essential furnishings needed. Our camps offer a pleasant and easy-to-access accommodation option while working away from home. Find out the price of setting up a camp to accommodate up to 2000 people, complete with comprehensive logistical support. We have a wide variety of items scattered throughout many locations worldwide.

Construction & Renovation

For military, government construction, and renovation projects that require temporary kitchens, our kitchen rentals provide reliability and cost efficiency. These solutions can be trusted and are reasonable. Thanks to our mobile units and our multi-unit systems, we are able to offer our services to a wide array of people.

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Emergency Response Mobile Support Facilities

The Temporary Kitchens 123 has the capability to provide on-the-go and temporary assistance to people in the armed forces and those involved in emergency responses. Their buildings are constructed to facilitate their work processes.

Our military kitchen trailers can be attached to a towing vehicle or fixed securely in position. The setup process is not demanding and can be done quickly with the help of a utility or a local source of power. Technicians with expertise can provide detailed delivery setup and disassembly services to ensure that the process of assembling and disassembling is done correctly. This service ensures that the job is completed safely and accurately.

About Mobile Kitchens

Temporary Kitchens 123’s mobile facilities may be referred to as Navy, Army, or Marine mobile kitchens, depending on their geographical location. This organization provides numerous mobile crisis response facilities that are loaded with everything needed for support. These items can be easily moved from one location to another, no matter what we are called.

How Does Mobile Kitchens Work?

We offer custom-made culinary solutions for military needs that can be adjusted to meet your specific demands. Our team ensures that each kitchen is tailor-made to fit the exact requirements of the customer. All components are carefully selected and assembled to create a unique space that meets the wishes of the homeowner. There is a wide selection of sizes, forms, and designs to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs. Different types of mobile kitchens exist, such as trailers that can be transported, skid kitchen models that can be moved, and container units that can be set up for long-term rental. This cooking area is equipped with all the necessary features, including appliances, cooling, freezers, storage facilities, shelves, countertops, safety accessories, heating, and air conditioning systems, as well as any other required components. A modular kitchen rental with a military focus can be supplied with any kind of energy source. Aside from electricity, natural gas, and propane, these machines can also be powered by water as an energy source. It is uncertain whether customers will be able to rely on both gas and electricity as sources of energy in the foreseeable future.

What Are Uses for a Mobile Kitchen?

A wise decision for catering companies that travel, mobile food service businesses and those in search of a permanent kitchen is to purchase or rent a specially designed mobile kitchen. Mobile kitchen units are becoming increasingly popular for temporary events such as concerts, sports matches, weddings, and street festivals. They offer a convenient and efficient way to provide food and drinks to all attendees. People can rent out cars and other vehicles for a specific period, giving them access to the amenities they need. Military bases regularly employ mobile kitchen trailers during the renovation of their primary kitchens. These trailers provide a convenient and efficient way of maintaining food service while renovations are underway. The renovations are taking place while personnel is still being served meals, enabling the organization to maintain its food service. We offer our services to a variety of institutions, including educational institutions, medical centers, military bases, and retirement communities, as well as to homeowners who need food service while they are performing renovations.

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How Much Will a Mobile Kitchen Cost?

The cost of renting a mobile kitchen trailer for military purposes is contingent on the duration of the agreement and the configuration of the kitchen. The amount charged will be based on the elements that make up the rental, as well as the dimensions of each piece. At Temporary Kitchens 123, customers have the option to purchase either pre-owned or new mobile kitchen units that can be customized according to their desired specifications.

Mobile services are not limited to merely supplying meals to members of the armed forces; they are capable of much more. Temporary Kitchens 123 provides the option of renting mobile amenities, including bathrooms, washing machines, fridges/freezers, and laundry services, for either a short or extended period of time.

What Are the Advantages of a Mobile Kitchen?

  • Military kitchen rentals allow you to keep it for only as long as you need it
  • Pre-fabricated kitchen units save time and money
  • Each unit is pre-constructed to meet health and safety codes
  • Each unit is climate controlled
  • Food service can be provided directly on-site without interruption
  • Fully customizable mobile kitchen units to meet your specific food service needs
  • Clean, comfortable, and spacious work areas for kitchen staff
  • We handle delivery, set up, and removal of mobile kitchen units 

Connect with Temporary Kitchens 123 to get help with any temporary food service needs for the military.

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