Building Department Permit

At Temporary Kitchens 123 we can provide complete Architectural and Building Department packages.  We can handle the entire package for you.  We have State Licensed Engineers that can relieve cities and counties from project liabilities.  

See our photo Library of complete building department approval.  

  • Propane Signage
  • Promane Security / Earthquake Proofing
  • Tent Ballasting / Tie Down
  • Tent Structure Engineered Stamps
  • Ramp Engineered Stamps
  • ABC Fire Stamped Protection
  • State Indoor Air Balance
  • State Exhaust Hood Balance Test
  • Extermination Pest / Rodents
  • K1 – Fire Extinguishers Update
  • Emergency Ingress and Egress Signage
  • Pipe Insulation Fresh & Grey
  • Propane Storage Security Zone
  • Tent Ventilation
  • Fire Signage Hazardous Material Codes
  • Grease Interceptor Maintenance
  • Parking Calculations

Electrical Skid

Exterior Electric Outlet
Overhad Electrical