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If you are still in search of a mobile kitchen in Lowell, Massachusetts then you should stop and settle with Temporary Kitchen 123. You might ask why but the answer to that is obviously because we are providing the best mobile kitchen rental in Lowell. Temporary Kitchen 123 has over 20 years of experience in the industry providing only the best mobile kitchen trailer in Lowell. We have a mobile kitchen for rent in Lowell for any and all foodservice needs our customers to have during renovation, construction, expansion, emergencies, and special occasions. Our mobile kitchen for rent in Lowell has been serving thousands of customers for years including:

  • Health Care Industry
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • Disaster Relief Agencies,
  • Marketing Activation
  • Restaurants
  • Camps
  • Schools
  • Correctional Institutions.
  • and many more…

With us, you don’t have to worry and doubt the quality of our mobile kitchen trailer in Lowell because we have a recommendation from famous chefs and notable restaurants. Each mobile kitchen for rent in Lowell is also checked by a licensed engineer to ensure that it is compliant to all health department codes in any state. Furthermore, we have support trailers and equipment that you can consider for specific needs that are not covered by our mobile kitchen rental in Lowell.

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We are bringing our mobile kitchen trailer in Lowell closer to everyone who needs it in any city in the United States. For those who are in need of a mobile kitchen in Lowell or those who want to know where to find us, we have a mobile kitchen trailer in Fall River, Andover, Chicopee, Roxbury, Lynn, Somerville, Boston, Gloucester, Nantucket, and many more.


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