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Fort Myer, Fort McNair, and Henderson Hall together comprise the military installation known as Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, which is situated in Virginia. The Base Realignment and Closure, 2005 procedure led to its creation.

It is under American Army command.

In close proximity to the Army’s Fort Myer, Henderson Hall is located on Southgate Road near the southern edge of Arlington National Cemetery.

To provide customers with reliable space for much-needed downtime, recharge, or celebration, Temporary Kitchen rents out 123 bunk beds with a capacity for 2 to 8 people, anywhere, anytime.

We also offer workplace accommodations and disaster relief in difficult and remote locations. Our workshops include houses with electricity and water.

Through our military bunkhouse trailers, we also include services like:

  • Military Kitchens 
  • Military Deployment 
  • Military Field kitchens 
  • Military Field Kitchens Rentals 
  • Military Kitchen Rental 
  • Military Feeding 
  • Military Catering Services 
  • Basecamp Support Services
  • Military Field Kitchen for Rent 
  • Honey Trailer Rental
  • Wagon Trailer for lease
  • Production for Rent
  • Fema Trailer Rental
  • Mobile office trailer for hire

As far as this offer Temporary Kitchen 123 proved to be the best company that deals with Military kitchens. When it comes to military deployment we have a lot of offer to you. Military field kitchens, military kitchen rentals, military feeding, military catering services, basecamp support service, and military kitchen. All of these mentioned services are reliable to our company. We can provide the best services you all wanted.

Through our military bunkhouse trailers, we also include services like:

  • Field Kitchens 
  • Military Feedings 
  • DFACT Rental 
  • Military 
  • Mobile DFACT rental 
  • Base Camp Housing 
  • DFACT Services 
  • Base Camp Planning 
  • Base Camp Planning Services

We provide custom modular constructions. Our offer includes building maintenance, men’s camps, new construction, and building rental. We carry a complete inventory of fully equipped men’s camps for your mining operations around the world. Request a quote for a 50-2000 person camp with full logistics and support. One of the best places to rent remote camps is Temporary 123. Mobile kitchens are versatile. If you are hosting a special event, portable kitchens are ideal. If you need to restore or repair a building, this is the best option. Using a mobile kitchen rental helps your business run more efficiently. At Temporary Kitchen 123, you can rent fully equipped mobile kitchens like a modern kitchens. With our comprehensive planning and construction services, we can develop special plans for the kitchens you need. All of our temporary kitchens have been awarded the quality label by the health authorities, which elevates our service to a higher level. Before signing anything, we will go over all the specific aspects of the temporary kitchen with you. We make sure everything goes well. We support you every step of the way, from obtaining permits to selecting urban planning and building ancillary structures. With our service and knowledge, we offer the ideal answer to every need.

While our mobile modular kitchens are ideal for emergencies and special occasions, our mobile kitchens are also available for longer rental periods. Please contact us and let us know what you need. We are here to help you.

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The temporary Kitchen 123 offers also the main services that we have like:

  • Mobile Kitchen Rental
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  • Dishwashing Trailer facility for lease
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  • Dishwashing facility rental
  • Modular dishwashing For rent
  • warewashing trailer rental for leasing
  • warewashing facility for rental
  • Shower Rentals
  • Laundry For Hire
  • Office Trailers For Lease

Why should your commercial food service use our Dishwasher trailer for rent?  

Our rental mobile dishwasher offers a cost-effective dishwashing solution in a temporary food service environment. If you are remodeling a commercial kitchen and plan to supply cookware during the remodel. You can rent our mobile dishwasher trailer. Our dishwasher carts are available in a variety of lengths ranging from 22 feet to 53 feet. Three-compartment sinks for washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and hand washing are available in our temporary dishwashers. Depending on your wishes, a hood dishwasher or a conveyor belt washing machine can be added to the dishwasher service. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, many of our customers who do not wish to serve plated meals during their refurbishment prefer to use our mobile dishwashing stations. We offer rentals across the country. We have a 24-hour emergency service number. Single-phase 220V power is used to run our units. Our portable rental trailers are the perfect solution to your dishwashing needs, whether you need to wash pots and pans or dishes and forks.

Temporary Kitchens 123 offers these main services: RV, Kitchen, and Refrigeration Trailers Rental in addition to these

  • Dishwashing Trailer Rental/lease
  • Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Rental/Leasing
  • Furnished Temporary Housing Rental/Leasing
  • Portable Refrigerator for rent/Lease

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