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Welcome to Temporary Kitchens 123: The Premier Choice for Mobile and Temporary Solutions in Minneapolis, NM

In today’s ever-evolving environment of Minneapolis, NM, having mobile, efficient, and reliable temporary solutions is crucial. From responding to emergencies in Minneapolis, NM to facilitating remote operations or events in Minneapolis, NM, Temporary Kitchens 123 is your trusted partner across the city. Let’s explore our wide range of offerings:

Emergency and Basecamp Services in Minneapolis, NM 

In the heart of Minneapolis, and recognizing the dynamic challenges of emergencies across the city, Temporary Kitchens 123 is your primary resource for immediate, mobile solutions:

  • Emergency Basecamp Rentals in Minneapolis, NM: Our temporary setups guarantee immediate shelter and basic needs during emergencies, filling the crucial gaps.
  • Emergency Workforce Housing Company in Santa Fe, NM: As calamity unfolds, we’re prompt, delivering tailored mobile housing for crucial workers and staff.
  • Emergency Refrigeration Service in Las Cruces, NM: In crucial moments, our mobile refrigeration services keep perishables fresh, minimizing losses.
  • Basecamp Logistics Mancamp in Roswell, NM: Our expertise is evident in managing man camps, ensuring smooth operations even in distant areas.
  • Emergency Basecamp Services in Farmington, NM: Our comprehensive strategy for establishing and managing basecamps has positioned us as leaders in emergency management.
  • Basecamp Management Logistics in Rio Rancho, NM: We offer complete services for temporary basecamps, from managing supplies to deploying necessary equipment.

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Trailer Rentals in Minneapolis, NM 

From the bustling streets of Minneapolis to the vibrant activities in Santa Fe, our trailers stand ready for lease:

  • Event Trailer Rentals in Las Cruces, NM: Designed for events, these mobile, spacious trailers can be positioned anywhere, anytime.
  • Laundry Trailer Rentals in Roswell, NM: Our mobile laundry solutions guarantee access to clean clothing, even in the remotest of areas.
  • Dishwashing Trailer Rentals in Farmington, NM: Eliminate the hassle of dishwashing with our efficient mobile solutions.
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rental in Rio Rancho, NM: Our state-of-the-art kitchen setups ensure freshly cooked meals.
temporary kitchen for rent Gardiner

Mobile and Modular Refrigeration Trailer Rentals in Bath Gardiner

Mobile kitchen rental Gardiner

Mobile and Modular Kitchen Prep Trailer Rentals in Bath Gardiner

Dishwashing Trailer Rentals in Bath Gardiner, Augusta, Portland, and Bangor

Mobile kitchen Gardiner

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer Leasing and Rentals in Bath Gardiner

Mobile kitchen Maine

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer Leasing and Rentals in Bangor

Portable Dishwashing for Commercial Kitchens in Bath Gardiner

Modular and Containerized Buildings in Minneapolis, NM 

For those in Las Cruces and beyond looking for lasting yet adaptable solutions, our modular building lease options are unmatched:

  • Modular Kitchen Rental in Minneapolis, NM: Our modern, prefabricated kitchen units cater to top-tier culinary experiences.
  • Laundry Modular Building in Santa Fe, NM: Combining convenience with effectiveness, our modular laundry services set new standards in cleanliness.
  • Modular Kitchen Building for Lease in Roswell, NM: Our kitchen units offer both endurance and adaptability for prolonged needs.
  • Containerized Modular Building in Farmington, NM: Built from recycled containers, these sustainable structures underscore durability.

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Complete Services

Shelters and Housing in Minneapolis, NM 

From the historic byways of Rio Rancho to the picturesque landscapes of Minneapolis, we present housing solutions:

  • Homeless Shelter Buildings for Sale in Santa Fe, NM: We prioritize societal contributions, delivering robust shelters for those in need.
  • Man Camp Rentals in Roswell, NM: Our man camps replicate homey feelings in remote or project locales.

Refrigeration and Water Services in Minneapolis, NM 

Stay refreshed, whether you’re in Las Cruces or Rio Rancho:

  • Refrigeration Container for Rental in Las Cruces, NM: Suitable for events or emergencies, our refrigeration units guarantee freshness.
  • Potable Water Tank Rental in Roswell, NM: With our premium water storage solutions, hydration is uncompromised.
  • Drinking Water Tank Rental in Farmington, NM: We ensure access to pristine drinking water, no matter your location in the city.


Spanning Minneapolis, NM, from the cityscapes to the serene regions, Temporary Kitchens 123 stands as a symbol of trust. Our leasing options, combined with our emergency services, make us the ideal associate for all mobile and temporary requirements. Explore Minneapolis, NM with us today!


Temporary Kitchens 123 – Minneapolis, New Mexico


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About Our Business

We are the USA’s number 1 mobile kitchen trailer company. Temporary Kitchens 123 provides mobile kitchen trailer rentals, modular kitchen rentals, temporary dishwashing trailer, refrigeration trailers, and emergency kitchen facilities during major construction renovations. Our exclusive service provides temporary mobile kitchen rentals to the Health Care Industry, Assisted Living Homes, Hotels, Disaster Relief Agencies, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants and many more!  

Our equipment is available in Hennepin County, Chisago County, Olmsted County, Crow Wing County, and Itasca County

“Everything you have in your kitchen, we have in our mobile kitchens”.  All of our modular mobile kitchens come with:

  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Hand washing sinks
  • Ansul fire suppression systems
  • Ranges, griddles, convection oven combo
  • Deep fryers

Our Temporary kitchens include state of the art appliances that can be modified to fit the needs of your temporary kitchen.

Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Portable Dishwashing for Commercial Kitchens in Minneapolis
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Mobile and Modular Refrigeration Trailer Rentals in Minneapolis
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Dishwashing Trailer Rentals in Minneapolis, Roseville, Falcon Heights, and New Hope
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Modular Building Kitchen Rentals in Minneapolis
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Mobile Refrigeration Trailer Leasing and Rentals in Minneapolis
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Mobile and Modular Dishwasher Trailer Rental in Minneapolis
Mobile Kitchen Rental Minneapolis
Mobile and Modular Kitchen Prep Trailer Rentals in Minneapolis, Columbia Heights, Fridley, and Lexington

All of our mobile kitchen trailers are:

  • ADA approved and Occupation of Saftey and Hazard compliant in the state of      Minnesota and engineered ramps to meet all federal and Minnesota state guidelines.
  • Our ramps can accommodate handicap accessibility when needed
  • All of our Kitchen Trailers are designed to pass county and state Health Department Codes.

Additional Services We Provide

  • Provide Plot and Site Plans
  • Kitchen Design Consultations
  • Kitchen Capacity Assessment
  • Obtain All Licenses And Permits For Temporary Kitchen Facilities

We can set up our Temporary Kitchen rentals within 100 feet of your actual kitchen during a major renovation.  

We also offer Refrigeration trailer rentals or External Refrigerator Containers to cut down the number of daily food deliveries needed for the temporary kitchen facility.

We also have mobile dishwashing trailers which are used when the existing food services use plated services.


Temporary Kitchens 123 – Minneapolis, MN

Service Area:  Hennepin County

Address: 2355 Hwy 36 West, Suite 400, Minneapolis, 55113

Center: Minnesota, Minneapolis – Roseville – Bonestroo

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Mobile Kitchen Inventory

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Temporary Kitchen Facility For Rent in Minneapolis

Are you thinking to establish a food catering firm, food outlet, or a meals truck; hope you realize regarding the total massive expense and all the documents entailed. All these make it hard to obtain your business off the ground, so it is much better to seek for a commercial kitchen for rent to escape a bulk of the expense and red tape that will take much of your time. We provide well geared up commercial kitchen rental and temporary kitchen rental in Oxnard, Oceanside, Oakland, Minneapolis and Memphis. Our commercial kitchens allow; have ergonomically well developed cooking stations and include correct equipment to operate the cooking terminals. In general, if you make use of our Emergency Kitchen For Rent in Minneapolis, Mobile Kitchen For Rent in Minneapolis, Portable Kitchen Facility Rental in Minneapolis as well as Temporary Kitchen Facility For Rent in Minneapolis, after that you are making a sensible choice to sustain your business successfully. Our kitchens are bigger compared to conventional kitchen areas and are well aimed and developed to prep any sort of kinds of food items.

Acquiring the commercial kitchen rentals not just lessens your financial investment yet likewise your time and effort. The moment invested in making and establishing a commercial kitchen includes significant investment and more time. Why bother, when we provide fabulous commercial kitchen rentals which aid you to manage the huge scale cooking and have various cooking terminals to bake, grill and sauté. Each of the station features substantial area and all the crucial equipment and potteries to make the menu providings. Our Commercial Kitchen Facilities For Rent in Minneapolis, Temporary Kitchen Facilities For Rent in Minneapolis, Emergency Kitchen Equipment Leasing including in Minneapolis Temporary Kitchen Equipment For Rent in Minneapolis has actually every little thing needed by a chef to ready his menu listings.

You could try anything starting from biscuits to breads or from breads to bakery goods. Seeking a great commercial kitchen rental company is the best alternative to make your activity simple and profitable. What sort of meals you ready and just how much is the cooking time are the two vital factors you should take into consideration prior to searching for a commercial kitchen rental company. Check whether the Portable Kitchen Leasing in Minneapolis, Mobile Kitchen For Rent in Minneapolis, Emergency Kitchen Facility Rental in Minneapolis including Temporary Kitchen Facility Leasing in Minneapolis which you prepare to rent has all the needed equipment otherwise you need to invest money from your pocket to purchase them. You do not need to keep any one of the equipment for instance the repair and replacement will be made sure by the rental business. You are just accountable if you damage any kind of equipment because of your very own neglect. Most importantly, there is no worry on you to take the responsibility of the authorization certification, health assessment and other red tape that are important to own and keep a commercial kitchen.

We make certain to provide the very best rental kitchen which will certainly be a fun location for your work each day. We aim difficult to make you feel excellent about working in our kitchen and we aim that you must consider it as your 2nd house. We have numerous commercial cooking areas available for you which you can rent for per hour basis. The kitchen has both dry and cool storage areas. We know you effectively that’s why; besides providing substantial kitchen area we also have a roomy break space where you could take a rest after exhausting kitchen work. To boost your company to get additional orders we even provide your office where you could perform conferences with your consumers. Whether your requirement is short term or long-term, we offer wonderful rental alternatives. Our cooking areas are excellent for target location, institutions, reformatory, universities, and armed forces. We satisfaction offering Emergency Kitchen Facilities Leasing in Minneapolis, Mobile Kitchen Facilities Leasing in Minneapolis, Portable Kitchen Equipment Leasing as well as in Minneapolis Temporary Kitchen Equipment Rental in Minneapolis; this is much more efficient and much exceptional that structure and developing your very own kitchen. Colleges and schools today require a well-structured and well-designed kitchen because they need to supply premium quality and great nutritious meals to students. Instead of constructing their kitchen spending a significant amount, it is better to obtain our kitchen rentals.

Be remainder guaranteed that all our equipment and all the preparation alternatives and food storage space will comply with the health and wellness code rules from the worried neighborhood authorities. We purely stay with the healthy kitchen procedure and we do not socialize the hand washing and planning of meals in the exact same area. In our kitchen the dishwashers are heated and fridges freeze properly. Taking rental kitchens are the most effective alternative as you don’t have the problem of obtaining the certificate and licenses. We do all that for you, you simply have to reach us and use our facility without inconveniences. There is a lot of difference taking Portable Kitchen For Rent in Minneapolis, Modular Kitchen For Rent in Minneapolis, Emergency Kitchen Facility For Rent in Minneapolis and Modular Kitchen Facility Leasing in Minneapolis from us and others. We are in this company for a long period of time and have actually catered different institutions and colleges. All our customers are quite delighted with our kitchen services and they refer many customers to us.

When you try to find a commercial kitchen or temporary kitchen for rent, check the wide range of equipment available that feature cozy story tables, deep fryers, commercial mixers, deck ovens, convection ovens, commercial stoves, and so on. One more vital point to keep in mind is the illumination and layout, numerous provide the very least relevance to these two; but one should has an idea that excellent lighting makes the chef to prep appealing food and the great style will certainly aid the kitchen operators to function successfully. You must search for kitchen rentals that have ample storage area. Schools and colleges would certainly ask for a roomy storage space to store the food items that are used for the daily food preparation.

Likewise we give temporary kitchen for rent in Santa Ana, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego and San Bernardino numerous might not need a Emergency Kitchen Facilities Leasing in Minneapolis, Temporary Kitchen Facilities Leasing in Minneapolis, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rental including in Minneapolis Mobile Kitchen Equipment For Rent in Minneapolis for a long term, so we supply them temporary kitchen alternative. The food trucks and food booths that operate for weekend breaks and for special seasons locate this temporary kitchen choice really practical and rewarding as they could use the totally equipped kitchen by paying hourly.

Every customer is special to us, whether you are trying to find temporary or lasting rentals, we offer you the most effective. Our kitchen is great in terms of layout, ergonomics and cost. For trustworthy and regular firms, do consult us, our policemans will be glad to assist you.