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At some point, you really have to shut down your commercial kitchen and do the dirty work. You will be advised by your local contractors to go for the Phase Construction where your kitchen is renovated phase by phase. But that would mean a very large risk of cross-contamination when you prepare your meals on the same area as your construction. Below are the most common scenarios where cross-contamination takes place:

Construction Spores Airborne​

This are often times invisible to the naked eye. When spores such as mold and construction dusts are present in the air, they produce many side effects to their human occupants and risks to food being prepared on the site. Thus the indoor air quality would need to be strictly monitored.

Construction spores or dust affects the commercial food construction facility by exposing both the employees and the actual meals to harmful microbes that can cause numerous illnesses. Take a look at how this usually affects us:

Mobile Kitchen Rental
Construction Spores Airborne​

Upper Respiratory Effects

By far, the most common complaint is upper respiratory tract infection. When you inhale a construction dust and mold spores, your sinus, throat and lung airway passages become irritated and inflamed. It gives adverse effect even to people who are not sensitive to air quality.

The typical bad experience with alien construction dust is chronic sneezing, coughing or wheezing. Beware as this could be signals of a mold-related illness or construction dust side effect. More aggressive conditions include aspergillosis, a condition that ranges from mild to serious, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which can progress to pulmonary fibrosis if not treated. All occupant complaints should be followed by a doctors visit. Construction companies and air quality environmentalists should have detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on site to address any and all complaints.

Pupil Irritation

Sensitive eye membranes in your eyes are open to mold and construction dust irritation, which generally leads to color redness, constant itching, and watering/tearing. These symptoms may also be accompanied by minor and major headaches.

Stomach Digestive Problems

Gastrointestinal problems are most likely to come into play by eating moldy food, this can happen from ingesting construction dust or food that contains mold spores. Detailed complaints are diarrhea, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Stomach distress often expands into weight loss, however in some rare cases, weight gain can be a symptom of mold and humans health. Ingestion of toxins can cause your immune system to respond by producing antibodies that alter your metabolism.

Muscles Pain and Numbness​

During long everyday exposure to spores of mold, some kitchen staff and occupants have reported some feelings of muscular pain that is unexplained by physical activities. Some experience numbness like a falling asleep body part feeling.


Construction mold and dust affect workers and occupants’ mood causing discomfort which eventually leads to depression.

You really just have to think twice if you’ll go for a phase construction because you will be risking not just the food but more so the lives of the people within you area.

But thank you to technological innovations, you don’t need to fret!! Mobile kitchen rentals are now here to solve your emergency kitchen needs!!

How to Use a Mobile Kitchen, Dishwashing Trailers, and Modular Kitchen Buildings During Commercial Kitchen Construction, Renovation or Expansion?

Dishwashing Trailers
temporary kitchens

No kitchen means no food. No food means nothing to feed your employees and guests. During a kitchen emergency, food preparation operation is highly compromised. Especially in hospitals, assisted living homes, schools, colleges and emergency service providers, they are required to feed all their staff and concessionaires so they will be compliant to the government’s business requirement.

Not only this, the food service staff, office staff, food service managers and chefs are more often than not displaced. The loss of income puts a strain on the good hard working staff. That is why, it is really heaven’s sent that Temporary Kitchens 123 provides you with modern mobile kitchens, dishwashing trailers and modular kitchen buildings that will save your kitchen operations in this emergency situation.

As a leader in mobile kitchen rentals, we pride ourselves in saying that everything you have in your kitchen, we absolutely have in our modular kitchen. See the list to name a few:

Temporary Kitchen Rental

We know that every facility has its own needs so we put together a combination of support trailers to cater to your specific needs. Examples are:

Mobile kitchens are typically the choice by foodservice design professionals and specialty commercial kitchen contractor. Local contractors are just not familiar with options of keeping the existing food service operating during the renovation or expansion of the existing building or operation. However with the advantage of Google and Youtube videos like this one on Temporary Kitchens 123 Youtube channel the local contractor can become up to speed very quickly.

As contractors or food service consultants, we should ask our clients the following:


Will the existing food service operator be willing to alter or change their menu or do they need to continue with the same high-quality service they maintained in the past?

In the case that the foodservice operator is on a certain budget, the mobile kitchen facility can be altered. Some of the common types of concessions made during renovations are:


Mobile Kitchens For Rent

What kind of energy will be used to power mobile kitchens? Most common is propane and most operations are scheduled for 3 months and there is no need for trenching and digging natural gas resources. Another option for many elementary and middle schools is electricity may mobile kitchens have the option of being used as all electric or all propane.

Mobile kitchen


Will the client need more room in the kitchen for preparing foods from scratch or will they need less food because they will be using frozen foods mainly used in bulk cooking operations?

As you know scratch cooking or cooking from natural ingredients takes more time and space. Each support chef will need room for their station weather chopping onions or making trips to the refrigerator. On the other hand, bulk or frozen foods are pre-arranged in an office location and require fewer resources to bring to the finished product. However, it’s not the end of the world using bulk products with many high-end bulk products being offered these days on the market the end consumer may never be able to taste the difference between scratch cooking and bulk cooking. Another advantage of bulk cooking is that it requires less supervision control which is also a great advantage during construction.

How long will you rent the Mobile Kitchen Facility for?

This question is a tough question to answer many of our customers go into a commercial kitchen renovation not know all the options or upgrades that may need to be made both structurally and food service equipment wise. Another issue is may local contractors are not aware that the best-specialised cooking equipment is not just sitting on the shelf in stock at your local Kitchen Depot. Most commercial kitchen appliances need a 4-6 weeks notice before delivery. This roadblock is a very common one that we hear from our customers.

Side Aerial View

Temporary Kitchens for Rental vs Phase Construction

  1. Temporary kitchens allow virtually no concerns of construction dust, mold spores or foreign particles getting into the food or affecting the kitchen staff.
  2. Mobile Kitchen Facilities set up quickly because they are pre-made off-site and plug and play and generally only need electricity, water, and grey water hookup.  
  3. Mobile Kitchens can be combined with other facilities such as Coffee Trailers, Sandwich or Salad Preparatory Trailer, Dishwashing Trailers and Refrigeration Trailer and Containers. Resources can be added as needed.

So going with Temporary Kitchens 123 is definitely a win-win! No more time wasted. No operations on halt! And most importantly, no money wasted! It will be business as usual with our complete and five-star mobile kitchen units, dishwasher trailers, ADA compliant ramps, Mobile Refrigeration Trailers and Containers and more.

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