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Temporary Kitchen 123 has a mobile kitchen in Holyoke, Massachusetts in every major city in the United States. This is one of its many advantages over the rest of the providers of mobile kitchen rental in Holyoke and sets it apart from our competitors. With hundreds of storage locations scattered all over the nation, it is easier for our customers to reach out to us and for us to deploy our mobile kitchen trailer in Holyoke. For those who are living in Massachusetts, we have a mobile kitchen for rent in Nantucket, Andover, Salem, Lynn, Danvers, Chicopee, Plymouth, Lowell, Charlestown, Sherburne, Lawrence, Charlestown, Beverly, Marblehead, Cambridge, Somerville, and many more. We have more locations, for a complete list, please send us a message.

We have over 2 decades of experience in the industry providing the best mobile kitchen for rent in Holyoke and the years had taught us how to perfect our services. Now, over 20 years later we have become the number one provider of the best mobile kitchen rental in Holyoke. Our mobile kitchen in Holyoke had been serving assisted living homes, local businesses, major hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, and camps during renovation, emergencies, construction, expansion, and special occasions.

All our mobile kitchen trailer in Holyoke includes the following:

  • Three Compartment Sinks
  • Hand Wash Sinks
  • Electrical Box Panels
  • Ansul Fire Suppression Systems
  • Propane Safety Knobs
  • Hot Water
  • Refrigeration

We are also offering other support trailers and equipment that works really well with our mobile kitchen for rent in Holyoke:

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