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At the forefront of mobile kitchen trailer rentals, Temporary Kitchens 123 – Houston stands out by providing top-notch modular kitchen rentals, temporary dishwashing trailers, refrigeration trailers, and emergency kitchen facilities for commercial kitchen expansion. Our exclusive services cater to the Healthcare Industry, Assisted Living Homes, Hotels, Disaster Relief Agencies, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, and more!

Here’s why we’re the number one choice:

  1. Compliance and Safety:

    • ADA approved and Occupational Safety and Hazard compliant in the state of Texas.
    • Engineered ramps designed to meet all federal and Texas state guidelines.
  2. Health Department Standards:

    • All our Kitchen Trailers are meticulously designed to adhere to county and state Health Department Codes.
  3. Industry-Trained Food Service Consultants:

    • Our food service consultants are industry-trained professionals.
  4. Continuous Training:

    • We provide ongoing training to our consultants, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest industry standards and requirements.
  5. Collaborative Approach:

    • Our food service consultants collaborate with your chef and/or kitchen manager to ensure all customer needs and expectations are not just met but exceeded.

“Everything you have in your kitchen, we have in our mobile kitchens.” At Temporary Kitchens 123, our mobile kitchens are fully equipped with:

  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Hand washing sinks
  • Ansul fire suppression systems
  • Ranges, griddles, convection oven combo
  • Deep fryers


Moreover, they are fully SELF-CONTAINED! Welcome to Temporary Kitchens 123, the leading provider of mobile and temporary solutions in Houston, TX.

In the dynamic setting of Houston, TX, there is a constant demand for reliable, fast, and efficient mobile solutions. Whether for emergency situations, remote projects, or event needs in Houston, TX, Temporary Kitchens 123 is your trusted partner. Explore our extensive range of offerings:

Emergency and Basecamp Services in Houston, TX:

  • Emergency Basecamp Rentals in Houston: Swift installations providing shelter and basic requirements during emergencies.
  • Emergency Workforce Housing in Houston: Prompt mobilization, delivering tailored mobile housing for essential workers during calamities.
  • Emergency Refrigeration Service in Houston: Committed to reducing waste, ensuring perishables are kept in optimal condition during critical times.
  • Basecamp Logistics Mancamp in Houston: Efficient functioning of man camps, leveraging our expertise, regardless of location.
  • Emergency Basecamp Services in Houston: Renowned for our thorough approach in establishing and managing basecamps, ensuring readiness for any crisis.
  • Basecamp Management Logistics in Houston: Comprehensive temporary basecamp services, from ideation to equipment provision.


Trailer Rentals in Houston, TX:

  • Event Trailer Rentals in Houston: Ideal for various events, our spacious mobile trailers can be set up in any environment.
  • Laundry Trailer Rentals in Houston: Top-notch mobile laundry services maintaining cleanliness, even in isolated places.
  • Dishwashing Trailer Rentals in Houston: Seamless dishwashing process with our effective mobile setups.
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rental in Houston: Modern kitchen facilities ensuring freshly made dishes for any event.

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Modular and Containerized Buildings in Houston, TX

For those in Houston seeking resilient and modular solutions, our offerings stand out:

  1. Modular Kitchen Rental in Houston: Innovative prefab kitchen units designed for high-end culinary tasks.
  2. Laundry Modular Building in Houston: Blending convenience with efficiency, our modular laundry services are top-notch.
  3. Modular Kitchen Building for Lease in Houston: Meeting extended requirements, our kitchen setups are both robust and versatile.
  4. Containerized Modular Building in Houston: Constructed from recycled containers, these sustainable structures exemplify durability.

Shelters and Housing in Houston, TX

In the diverse landscapes of Houston, we offer a range of housing choices:

  1. Homeless Shelter Buildings for Sale in Houston: Evidencing our dedication to the community, we deliver durable shelters for those in need.
  2. Man Camp Rentals in Houston: Providing a touch of home in distant or project-centric sites, our man camps are top-tier.

Refrigeration and Water Services in Houston, TX

Wherever you are in Houston, our exceptional facilities have you covered:

  1. Refrigeration Container for Rental in Houston: Tailored for various needs, our refrigeration units guarantee prolonged freshness of stored products.
  2. Potable Water Tank Rental in Houston: Focused on hydration, our superior water storage solutions are unparalleled.
  3. Drinking Water Tank Rental in Houston: Assuring clean drinking water access, regardless of your location in Houston, TX.


Navigating through Houston, TX, from its bustling hubs to its serene corners, Temporary Kitchens 123 stands as a reliable anchor. With a blend of rental choices and emergency services, we emerge as the top choice for all mobile and short-term needs. Immerse yourself in the Houston experience with us today!



Temporary Kitchens 123 – Houston, TX

Address: 2425 West Loop South, Suite 200, Houston, 77027

Center: TX, Houston – Uptown

Service Area: Harris County

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