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Refrigeration services in St. Petersburg

Experience excellence in refrigeration services with Temporary Kitchen 123 in Refrigeration services in St. Petersburg. While renowned for our innovative Sleeper Modules, we extend our commitment to excellence to the realm of refrigeration, ensuring your storage needs are met with precision and reliability.

Why Choose Temporary Kitchen 123 for Refrigeration services in St. Petersburg?

  1. Versatile Refrigeration Solutions: Temporary Kitchen 123 excels in providing versatile and efficient refrigeration services, meeting the unique demands of events, remote job sites, or any scenario requiring top-tier temporary cold storage solutions in St. Petersburg.

  2. Rapid Deployment of Refrigeration Expertise: Experience the convenience of rapid deployment with Temporary Kitchen 123’s refrigeration services. We understand the importance of addressing immediate refrigeration needs without compromising on the quality and efficiency of our offerings.

  3. Innovative Refrigeration Design: Our refrigeration services feature innovative design and creativity, ensuring contemporary and functional cold storage solutions for your events. Temporary Kitchen 123 Refrigeration services in St. Petersburg is dedicated to bringing innovation to the refrigeration industry.

  4. Practical Refrigeration Interiors: Just like our Sleeper Modules, the interiors of Temporary Kitchen 123’s refrigeration services are thoughtfully designed. We prioritize functionality and efficiency, creating an optimal environment for short-term storage endeavors.

Discover the convenience and innovation that Temporary Kitchen 123 brings to Refrigeration services in St. Petersburg. We are committed to providing top-tier cold storage solutions that seamlessly blend reliability and efficiency, ensuring your storage needs are met with excellence. Trust Temporary Kitchen 123 to address your unique refrigeration requirements with precision and quality.

The following are the portable refrigeration freezer on leasing trailer sizes and specifications:

  • 12ft Trailer Medium & Standard Temperature
  • 20ft Trailer Medium & Standard Temperature
  • 20ft Container Medium Temperature
  • 20ft Container Low Temperature
  • 24ft Container All Ranges
  • 40ft Container All Ranges

The following are the industries where your freezer container rental can be utilized:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Processing
  • Military
  • Nursing Homes
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Schools and Universities
  • and many more.

Nobody can forecast when crises will occur, so we ensure that we are prepared as much as possible to help them conveniently and most efficiently. Our warehouse locations all over the United States permit us to reach nearly all clients in the country.

Aside from emergency refrigeration for rent, Temporary Kitchens 123 can also deliver mobile kitchens series diverse enterprise and dishwashing trailers services. See the list below:


  • School Series
  • Nursing Home Series
  • Hospital Series
  • Correctional Facility Series
  • Military Series


  • 22ft Dishwashing
  • 26ft Dishwashing
  • 38ft Dishwashing
  • 40ft Conveyor Belt Dishwasher
  • 40ft Dishwasher
  • Dishwashing Services

Do not waver to reach us for your Modular Walk-In Refrigeration Lease in St. Petersburg queries and searches. We are always ready to supply you with assistance and explanations. Call us today.

Services and units available in Miami, Florida

  • Mobile Freezer Container Leasing
  • Modular Cooler Container Leasing
  • Portable Refrigerated Container Leasing
  • Cold Storage Room For Rent
  • Temporary Cooler Container for Rent
  • Walk-In Refrigeration Lease
  • Emergency Walk-In Refrigeration Leasing
  • Cooler Container Rental